The Joy In The Morning And A New Day Begins

The Joy In The Morning And A New Day Begins is all about healing, positive thinking, joy inspiration, autism awareness, peace, faith, hope and love.  Each chapter of poems enlightens the reader to be inspired to hold on to that joy in the morning as you read God's Peace, or to give a positive side to autism in the poem My Child, or to find healing through a familiar poem Gathering Stones, holding on to hope as you read Always With Hope.  The author has included a chapter of poem about family love.  In the poem Daddy the author expresses her memory of her father's love.  In the poem Thank You For All You Do the author pays special tribute to the military members of the Armed Forces. In her poem  A Time, A Season, And Always Love, the author expresses about love and peace in the world. There is also the breathtaking photos taken by Joni Meyers.  Also in this collection the author shares her spiritual journey, and how her personal experiences living with autism has inspired her to write.  As readers pick up a copy of The Joy In The Morning And A New Day Begins they will be encouraged, enlightened, and inspired to read again, and again. 


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The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins

ISBN Hardcover:  978- 1-4653-4106-8
 ISBN Paperback: 978-1-4653-4105-1
 ISBN Ebook: 978-1-4653-4107-5