A Blessing, Caring & Sharing

A Blessing, Caring & Sharing takes you to that place we all long for – “inner peace.” This collection of poems also brings you spiritual and inspirational messages of hope, love, and the world of Autism.

In this thoughtful poetry anthology, one finds that inner peace can do so much for the soul. If you’re looking for that peace of mind through everyday living, if you’re looking to relax after a stressful day, if you live with Autism, or if you’re searching the beauty of life in a vast changing world, then this book is for you. Imagine your dreams fulfilled, to be encouraged, to enjoy life.

In the poem “You” the author expresses healing in searching God’s peace for self. In “John” she expresses her son’s uniqueness, his gift to the world, as she pleads for public understanding of Autism. And in her poem “Choices” she expresses how we can choose to live life. Doris Washington brings you her thoughts about inner peace, love, and living with Autism. A Blessing, Caring & Sharing will enlighten, inspire, and touch your life more than you can imagine.

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A Blessing, Caring & Sharing


ISBN13 (TP) : 978-1-4134-5020-0